Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Capitol Building

We had tickets to tour the Capitol Building on Monday.  We also had passes to visit the House and Senate Galleries but they were not in session, so all we got to see was the main part of the Capitol.  The tour was very interesting but sort of rushed.  You are given head sets and the tour guide talks to you through them.  The Rotunda is beautiful with tiles on the dome and sculptures all though the Capitol.  There are also sculptures from each state representing what the state feels is its essence or a noted citizen.  I especially liked the astronaut from Colorado and King Kamehameha for Hawaii.
My complaint is that we were not allowed enough time to look at the architecture and art.  It is pretty much an in and out tour.  But I am glad we were able to go.
I almost forgot the story about Ray and the coffee.  When we were about done looking at the exhibits and were going to leave Ray insisted that we had to have a cup of coffee. I was blowing him off when I finally realized that it was important to him to do this.  We sat down next to a couple visiting from Australia who were doing the quick tour.  So now Ray has had his coffee in the Nations Capitol Cafeteria.

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