Monday, April 1, 2013

April Fools

April First usually passes by without much notice.  Ray and I are not pranksters, so as far as holidays go there is no excitement.  However,  Wyatt and I had a long discussion last Friday about playing tricks on people for April Fools and he was adamant that he would never fall victim to any prank attempted on him personally.  He was also busy trying to think of things to spring on family and friends.  I did my part to make it clear that I was not to be one of his victims.
Somewhere in all this Ray decided that he would pull a prank on Wyatt.  Wyatt did not have to go to school today since it was still Easter break.  Ray went over, and woke him up this morning, telling him he was going to be late.  Ray tells me Wyatt resisted mightily, but finally gave in, got dressed and ready to go to school.  Instead of school, they went to the donut shop for breakfast.   APRIL FOOLS!  Wyatt was tickled by the whole prank, he proceeded to plot more ways to fool people on his own. 
This was one of those days I was glad to be busy and elsewhere. Who knows what would have happened.

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