Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Read my Blog????

There was an article in the newspaper explaining all the tricks to getting people to read your blog. If everything it said is true, no one will ever read mine. Here is what works; no pictures, write about one topic. use a distinct voice, comment on other blogs more than you write on your own. This is all good and I bet there are bloggers out there that will take the advice to heart and become rich and famous. However, that is not me.

I started this blog because my friends on ScrapDawgs wanted a forum to post challenges for photos and the like. I also felt the need to write somewhere on a regular basis. As a scrapper, you need to be able to write and have a level of competency that people understand what you are trying to say. For some reason paper and pen don't have the same ease for me that writing on the computer does. I think I have improved some. I am comfortable with my writing, I am not going to be the next novelist, but I am not shaking my head when I am done.

I don't really care if anyone reads this, I enjoy it when they do. I suspect that people stumble across Life in Haysville once in a while. My hope is that they think it is all right for a personal blog before they move on to the next.

Oh, and I hope they like my pictures.

1 comment:

Donna said...

I read you Blog...I like the things you do in your blog! Pictures make it interesting...and I love reading about the things you do, the places you go and about the fun you have with your grandson!