Sunday, November 25, 2007

Thanksgiving Plus Three Days

It has been three enjoyable days since Thanksgiving. Here is a picture of the guys busy frying the turkey on Thursday. This involves beer and chocolate milk depending on the age of the participant. We had Nick's brother, his wife and new baby over and my Dad and Stepmother stopped by for a while too.
We have so much to be grateful, seriously and frivolously.
1. We were able to gather together as a family and spend the day not only eating, but just being together enjoying each other's company.
2. Even though Andrew couldn't be with us this year, he is happy at his new assignment and for the first time in two years is not planning for a deployment to Iraq or Afghanistan.
3. Winter has finally arrived complete with snow, even though it was gone by late morning. It was nice to see some on the ground when we woke up.
4. Nicole has had a good year. Her leukemia has remained under control, she has graduated from college and is in the management program at work.
5. Nick's year hasn't been as good, but we are praying that after January it will steadily improve.
6. Ray and I continue to be healthy and satisfied with our lives. We are planning for our future retirement and looking forward to it.
7. I finished my Christmas cards this weekend, so that major project is done.
8. Ray has the house decorated outside for Christmas and we have most of our shopping done.
All in all, that is a lot to be grateful for. I wish the same for all of you.

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Hellen said...

I love to hear all of this good things, you all look great!! I remember the thanksgiven day with your family and the two "kids" Andrew and Nicole, they are sooo grown up, time goes by so fast!!
kisses. Elena