Thursday, February 11, 2010

Caribbean Cruise 2010

The wait staff adored all the children. Here Suprawata is holding Andrea and Wyatt is dancing.
It was cooler than we would have liked this trip. The hot tub was actually the lukewarm tub, but the kids enjoyed it.

Suprawata made origami animals for the kids and other animals out of napkins.

Ercgen and Andrea at dinner. The servers all doted on the kids. They would carry Andrea around in their free moments at dinner.

Papa and Wyatt at Chankanaab on Cozumel. This was after Wyatt pitched a major fit about going in the water.

Wyatt and Andrea under the Palapa at Chankanaab.

The whole group at the entrance of Chankanaab park.

Wyatt and Ray in our cabin. Wyatt loved his bunk bed and sitting in the window.

Wyatt and Funship Freddy.

The two of us on the beach at Progresso.

Nicole, Nick and Andrea after dinner on board the ship.

Wyatt jumping into his sand fort at Progresso.
This year we went on a five day cruise with the Blombergs. This was the first time we cruised with kids and it was so much fun. We had Wyatt in our room with us and he loved having a bunk bed. After the second day, he looked up at me and said "This was the best day ever!" He didn't want to go home when we got back to Galveston, but then we didn't want to go either. We went to Progresso and spent the day at the beach. The beach was not that great, but the water was calm and Wyatt loved it. At Cozumel, the water was so much better, but Wyatt didn't like the lack of sand on the water's edge and wouldn't go in, but loved playing in the sand. We had a great time on the ship and are looking forward to going as a family again.
Wyatt and Papa at Progresso on the pier.


JoEtta Zabel said...

Love looking at all the fun cruise pictures...looks like all of you had a fantastic time, but then who couldn't. If you go on a cruise and don't have fun, then something is desperately wrong with your personality. Don't you just love the wait staff...ours were out of this world...we wanted to adopt ours.
We've got our next cruise booked so the countdown is on...wahoo.

a chick named Toni... said...

What a fun time! I love your pictures!