Thursday, November 18, 2010

Dan and Jean League

Dan and Jean League were in Derby last week.  Dan is an evangelist and was leading a revival at Derby Church of the Nazarene.  Ray and Dan have been friends since high school and did a lot of "interesting" things when they were younger.  The Leagues are more of our friends that even though we haven't seen each other in years, we sit down and start talking and it was just like we saw each other last week.  It is one of the benefits of Facebook now, that we are able to keep in touch more, but there still is catching up to do.  We had dinner and breakfast together and we attended one of Dan's services.  All revivals should be as interesting as his are.  Dan is a great story teller and holds your attention completely.  He takes a story that I might know pretty well and brings it to a level relating to your faith that I would never have expected.  I would go hear him preach any time. 

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