Sunday, November 7, 2010

First Born Crop October 2010

One of the first things I cannot let go unacknowledged is that I went to Denton last weekend for our semi-annual First Born Crop.  Angie, Barb, Cynthia, Taunja and I have been getting together twice a year since October 2004.  After the first time together, we realized that we all were the oldest children in our families and believe that is part of what made us all connect so well.  We all met on line and didn't know each other before that first weekend.  Except for Cynthia and Angie who had gone to school together in Midland, but didn't realize that until we met in real life.  We eat well. scrap a lot, laugh a lot and provide an unexplainable amount of comfort and rejuvenation to each other's spirits.  The common thread in our comments, is that there is very little that would keep us from getting together, it is just too important.  Everyone should have friends like this.  I am blessed.

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