Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Andrea as stylist, artist, vandal

Andrea was busy yesterday too.  However, her efforts were not cheered like Wyatt and his tooth.  I had allowed her play with scrap paper and children's scissors in the scrap room.  While I had been keeping an eye on her she seemed to be obeying the rules of only cutting paper and keeping scraps off the floor.  However, I had to leave for a while and Ray took over the watch.  However, he had to take a call and during the time his attention was not  focused on Andrea she decided to cut her hair.   She is totally unrepentant about the act even though she knew it was not a good idea.  She hid the cut hair under a table skirt as if we would not notice it was not longer on her head.  As a good measure she started to cut the skirt off one of her doll's dresses when I came in and confiscated the scissors. 
As Ray said yesterday, "What goes through a three year old girl's brain that makes her decide that taking a whack off the side of your head is a good idea.?"  Especially after an adult had told her and had her repeat back. CUT ONLY PAPER.  I don't imagine we will ever know.  I just remember my thought process in past usually came out later as "It seemed like a good idea at the time."  Oh, well.  Andrea has an appointment for a hair cut today to repair the damage.  I would say another cut little short bob is in her future.  Her mother will probably feel the worst about it, she was hoping to grow out Andrea's hair long.  At the rate we are going that might be when she is twenty three.

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