Wednesday, November 21, 2012


A couple of weeks ago Ray and I went to Arlington Texas for the weekend.  This was one of those "just because we can" trips.  In the simplest sense we went down to have dinner with two of my friends who I scrap with every six months and meet another friend who I have known for  eight years, but never met in real life. Sandy Tygar also known as Tigger flew to Texas just to visit with friends.  It was amazing to meet her, Sandy is a talented artist who started as a scrapbooker like me.  She has just gone so far beyond that now. 
Sandy enjoyed another benefit of her week in Texas.  Her home in New Jersey had been without electricity for two week before she came as a result of the hurricane.  She was lucky that power came back on just  before she went back home.
On Saturday we went over to Frisco and went to the Ikea store.  We found some gifts for Christmas there and just totally enjoyed looking at all the stuff for sale there.  Ikea is an experience each time you go there.
We spent Saturday night in Oklahoma City.  We stayed in the guest quarters at Tinker.  We went to Shawnee to the Grand Casino and donated money to the Indians.  The casino has some pretty good restaurants so we enjoyed that.  Sunday before we headed back home we did some more shopping at the outlet mall.  After so many years of dismissing Oklahoma City as boring, we are enjoying going there.  It is closer than driving to Kansas City too.

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