Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Wyatt's first tooth

Wyatt lost his first tooth yesterday.  As everyone knows, a tooth in the hand is only the end of a drama that had been going on for more than a week.  Wyatt first announced the tooth was loose.  Then he made daily reports of how it is wiggling, how maybe it was sore, maybe it wasn't. There were a couple of failed efforts to use the loose tooth as an excuse to avoid tasks and paying attention. Grandma made the required suggestion that she should just go ahead and pull it out.  Wyatt did the expected shriek and ran away.  It is so much fun doing this stuff even though it is nothing new.  Finally, the tooth lost its grip on Wyatt's gum and came out while he was asleep yesterday.  Of course the grandparents had to see it, so the tooth was brought over in a little box to be displayed and photographed.  Wyatt knows his grandmother too well.  The photograph was why he insisted the tooth come to our house.  Wyatt's first tooth went home again and under the pillow for the tooth fairy. Wyatt was not convinced he wanted to Tooth Fairy to take the tooth, he thought he should keep it as a memento. I am interested in finding out what teeth are going for these days.

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