Sunday, March 31, 2013

Busy Month

Right after the first of the year I could tell that March was going to be a busy month.  The nice thing about busy as a semi-retired person it has a different level of busyness than I would have experienced if I was still working full time.  Work itself was a little fuller.  The other notary is a tax preparer and is experiencing her own level of busyness right now and I have been doing closings at a brisk pace.  I actually have been enjoying keeping busy, but I know I will enjoy it when it slows down too.  Then for the first time there were two major crops to go to and Easter at the end of the month.  Toss in a trip to Branson for Ray, Nicole and the Grands over Spring Break there was a lot of coming and going in out house hold.  Do I enjoy it,  yes I do.  But it will be nice to have things quiet down a bit no.

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