Friday, August 24, 2007

Did you say it is Friday?

This is a photo of the park that is across the street from our home. We have lived here for 27 years. We have thought about moving several times, but the location, the convenience to schools for the kids and the fact that we had enough room for our needs kept us here. Now we cannot see any reason to leave.

That wasn't what I was going to write about though. I just like to post pictures. It makes things more interesting for me.

I wanted to write about our adventures in the world of plumbing yesterday. The water pipe comes into our house in the basement from the street. I noticed a little water sound a few days ago. Ray can't hear small sounds or high frequencies anymore, so he didn't notice. On Wednesday, the noise was no longer tiny, but the loud sound of running water. Ray took Friday off, called the plumber and dug out a four by six foot hole by the foundation in front of our house. The plumbers indicated that we might have to replace the entire line from the meter. Visions of $2,000.00 fluttering away filled my head. Not a cheery thought at all. Ray checked for the leak, water sprayed ten feet in the air and it was a tiny hole. Ray stayed home all day to wait for the plumber who showed up just before seven in the evening. We got lucky this time, the plumber only had to replace the leaky section and the pipe that went through the wall to inside the house. Instead of $2,000.00, it was $215.00. That felt better than winning at the casino. Ray did a great job of digging the line out. When he started I had some concerns, but he is like my Dad, once he gets started he is in it till he is done. For an old guy he did OK, no aches or pains the next day either, even though he had to fill the hole back up again.

Now life is back to dull again. We can enjoy walking to the park and not worry about the water bill.

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Donna said...

Glad the fix was affordable Lynette!