Friday, August 31, 2007


We got back from Durango, Colorado last night about ten o'clock. Both of us had to work today which was not fun, but I am hoarding my vacation days for later in the year.
We went down to Four Corners and Mesa Verde on Wednesday. We had been past Shiprock years ago on vacation. I had to settle for photos from the highway. This year we drove several miles off the main road for a closer look. Shiprock is sacred to the Navajo and when you see it you can understand why they believe this. It rises out of the desert and we could see it from almost forty miles away. I will be putting up a slide show later on. I took 280 photos, I won't post them all, but I am happy with a lot of what I shot this trip.


Donna said...

Beautiful Lynette!!!!

Angie said...

My family vacationed in Mesa Verde when I was a child and it's still one of my most memorable trips.
Great photo of you!

Janette (scrappinjanettey) said...

Love the pictures! My dh speaks at Horn Creek Christian Camp near Pueblo during the summer. So for the last few years we have been exploring Colorado and the areas between California and Colorado. I loved Durango! We drove from Durango to Ouray one day, thru Silverton. What a beautiful place!