Wednesday, October 22, 2008

It is getting to be Fall, no matter what I want.

On the weather last night, Merrill Teller our local fixture weatherman informed us that we will be having rain today and following that the lucky folks out in western Kansas will be blessed with snow. My mind screams No, No, No! The older I get, the less I like cold weather. I have photos from our cruise last spring of me on the beach at Cozumel on my computer and that is where I want to be. That probably won't happen any time soon, so I will have to be glad we have lots of firewood for the fireplace.

Ray, on the other hand loves the Fall and cold weather. I don't understand it, but since that is a very minor difference, I don't worry too much. I tend to be the one who has to put on the sweater when it is cold; God forbid that he would be too warm. However, I can justify it though on energy conservation reasons.

I taught a Scrapbook Basics class last night. I enjoyed it as usual. I knew one of the ladies, I thought it was from the store, but we had belonged to a monthly challenge group together a couple of years ago. Eileen is a tremendously funny and talented lady. She knows more about scrapping than I do, and took the class 1. because it is free right now and 2. she completed the SDU program and is now a graduate. She is interested in taking Masters Classes. SDU is offering a couple of new Masters Classes that I am going to take as well. Now just to find time.

Wyatt is coming to spend the evening. He normally comes on Tuesday, but we changed nights since I was teaching last night. He is so much fun. He will be three on Saturday, I need to go out and find him a gift. We helped pay for the play set his father built, but every boy needs a truck or some other toy on his birthday.

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