Sunday, October 5, 2008

The way of the industry

I was told Thursday evening that the Scrap booking Store I just started teaching at is closing their east store. It was something of a shock, but given the fact that times are tough in the industry, I could see how it would happen. In this particular instance, it may be a good way to hunker down and weather the storm. The remaining store is on the side of town without any competition except Michael's and Hobby Lobby and will probably keep on going strong. The sad part is that there is a whole great crew of store staff who will be out of a job. That is not good in the times we are living in.

I may or may not have a job. I am the most junior instructor and still have a full time job, which limits my available time more than the other instructors. I hope they keep me on. I enjoy the teaching and I enjoy having money that I don't have to spend on anything more complicated than scrapping supplies if I wish.

However, we will have to wait and see how everything all turns out.


Enuk's Mom said...

Yes, that was a shocker to me as well. It is very sad that Toni and the other girls lost their jobs, especially the ones where that was their only source of income other then their husbands. I feel bad for all involved and very disappointed in the way it was handled. Hopefully, your job will be you do have the full time job but it's nice to have additonal income that you can play with.

a chick named Toni... said...

Yeah...and the beat goes the owner called on of the managers of the East store and told her that since she had rifts with the West store before he thought she shouldn't come to work this week and they should just call it quits right now and she can start looking for a new job. Sad that you can be so important to someone one day and then the next you are a problem. I told her to look on the bright side this just means that she didn't have to prolong the agony...trying to muster a smile or whatever to get through it. I feel so bad for these gals.