Sunday, October 26, 2008

Winnie the Pooh

We all went with Wyatt to see Winnie the Pooh on Friday night. Obviously we would not have gone to this program if Wyatt were not going. I know I went to watch Wyatt which is what I did. The program is cute and obviously geared towards small children. Wyatt was dancing and waving along with all the other little children. One of the cutest unintentional moments of the program was when a little girl about two years old got away from her parents and wandered up on to the stage with all the characters. Her father was trying how to get her back down without going up on the stage himself when one of the actors escorted her back. She was in heaven walking around with Pooh, Tigger and everyone else. There was not a toddler in the place who would not have done the same thing.

You cannot take photos of anything during the show that turn out and the prices for everything else were outrageous. Ten dollars for popcorn, eighteen dollars for a cheap little light toy. Even Ray was able to control his spending on the grandchild at those prices. The photo kiosk was just as overpriced, so Papa and Wyatt stood by the Winnie the Pooh statue and I took this picture for free. I know Disney knows how to turn a profit on everything, but this was too much for me.

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