Thursday, July 22, 2010

Four Miles

I ran four miles today for the first time.  It only took me a month to get here.  Each mile has gotten easier after I broke the barrier of the first mile.  I keep thinking that soon it will be too hard and I will just stay at the same level.  It is very satisfying to do this.  Every now and then (this morning) I try to tell myself to skip a day, but I make myself run and it is worth it.

I had two goals at the first of the year, running one mile was one and being able to do a Pilate's curl up was the other.  The curl up proved to be the greater of the two challenges, but with the help of one of the instructors, who showed me how to use a cushion to support my lower back, I am now doing them.  They aren't pretty yet, but that will come in time.

Now I have to reset my goals.  I think I will take a while to consider this.

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