Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Random Thoughts from Georgia

I have been in Georgia for three days.  I haven't taken a single picture.  I have however, spent $800 to get my son's sewer fixed, cleaned up most of his house  I still have to do his bedroom, since I  set an appointment to have his carpets cleaned.  Apparently mothers will still mother their baby boys even though they are twenty six years old. In my defense, I will say, that he is still an invalid. 

I haven't worked out or run one time.  I had entertained going to the the track at the high school, but it is hot here in south Georgia, really hot.  I thought it was humid in Kansas this year, but I have learned that you cannot compare it to what the weather does down here.  I have discovered that while the Y offers Pilate's and Muscle Pump, they do not have an indoor track, but Moody AFB does.  So tomorrow since Andrew is inclined to sleep late, I am going to the Y to lift weights in the morning and then go do my long four mile run in the afternoon.  I am eating like I should, but I know I have to burn the calories too.

I have scrapped. I am working on my July 4th pictures right now.  Then I will start on the vacation photos.  It is really nice to just have to do my own pages.  I will make a couple of cards too, but that will be later.

Andrew is doing all right after his surgery.  He seems to be feeling better than he did after the last surgery.  He isn't as cranky, and his appetite seems to be good.  I like getting to do my "Mom" duty and cook meals.  I get to cook Weight Watchers style too, since the man took after his mother and needs to drop about fifteen pounds.  I don't have any temptation foods in the house.  It is wonderful.  The skinny husband always must have cookies, etc, all the stuff I love.

Andrew has a pickup truck.  I have been driving it.  I drove it over to Columbus to pick him up from the hospital and back to Valdosta again.  I like it.  I never thought of myself as a pickup truck sort of person.  I also thought Andrew would be more antsy about me using it, but he hasn't twitched visibly since I got here.

I like Valdosta, Georgia.  It is a southern city, but not too big like Atlanta.  The people are very nice and very friendly.  Andrew is ready to move on, he is in the Air Force after all, but I think it will be hard to find a nicer town than this.

I am still surprised at how times have changed.  It was a given that I would bring my laptop with me on this trip, just like I have on our last several excursions.  It wasn't that long ago, that having you laptop with you was an unheard of idea.  I have to have it with me you know.

I think my random spell is over.

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a chick named Toni... said...

I love your writing style. You are so good at telling stories...must have something to do with that journalism major humm? It sounds like even though you are working you are still having a good time.