Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Importance of Family

I have numerous friends, everyone does who don't enjoy getting together with their family.  I know I am blessed that is isn't the case for me.  Family gatherings are times of great enjoyment for me even when the reason for getting together is a sad one.  My Aunt Meta died last week.  She was my youngest aunt, only fourteen years older than me.  We had a history, I remember going to her wedding, she helped my mother out after I was born, even though my mother sent her home earlier than planned.  She was not supposed to be the next family member to die.  But then, what family member should have been the one?  In my view none!
My Aunt Mary came in from Arizona and my cousin Juanita flew in from Washington.  I was able to pick them up and have them stay with us while they were here.  I am so happy they did.  We went up to Topeka to the funeral service and then down to Amorita for the interment.  We visited all the way and got to visit with a large group of other Gerdes's and Hills as well. 
On Saturday we thought about going out, but ended up visiting the whole day.  I don't remember ever doing that before in my adult life.  We just talked and looked at pictures and memorabilia the whole day.  It was the best day. 
All of the cousins are getting older and we are recognizing that we must find a way to keep in touch.  Face book will be a help, but nothing can beat actually being together in person.  Love your family.

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Gypsichic said...

Wise words, Lynette.