Monday, January 3, 2011

My goals for 2011

Last year I realized that resolutions are hard to keep but that I can set goals and with consistent effort reach them.  I set a goal of being able to run a mile and exceeded that.  My other goal was to do a Pilates sit up and that one was a lot harder, but I did reach it as will.
For this year, I want to be able to do the Teaser Pose in Pilates.  I also want to run a 5 and maybe a 10K race.  I will never to a marathon, but I want to meet the challenge of running a race to its completion.  I am going to start training now and should be ready by the spring.
I want to start being more creative in the skills I teach in my classes.  I have the kits to follow but now I know that I can expand them to teach more skills.

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