Monday, January 24, 2011

An old sweater

I will be so glad when Wyatt works himself through the two stages he has been in for a while.  The first one is the insistence that he IS Spiderman.  This was cute last summer, but it is getting old now.  He may be getting past it.  We see glimpses of him accepting himself as Wyatt again.  We can only hope.
The second stage I will be glad to see gone is the cheesy smile period.  I am not sure how long it lasts, but I miss the real smiles I used to get from my cute grandson and want them back.  This picture is an example of both things.  He is "shooting a web" and smiling cheesily while doing so.  A grandmother cannot catch a break at times can she?
I actually took this picture to post of Face Book.  The sweater Wyatt is wearing was made by one of our Swedish exchange Students, Mia Larssen for Andrew about twenty three years ago.  Cedar chests make for wonderful storage of things.  You forget what is in there.  There is also a purple panda sweater for Andrea when she gets bigger that Mia made for Nicole.  I like seeing the grand kids wearing things that my kids wore.

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