Thursday, June 23, 2011

Getting My Act Together

Writing this post is just part of this situation I experiencing.   This is the second time I have written it.  My laptop is apparently not loading correctly and I lost it the first time. I actually think the first time was better, but I can't bring it back out of my head verbatim. I know why people use word and transfer over. Oh well, maybe next time.

I have been in a slump for a bit over a week.  It was a gradual decline until there I was. To be honest, it is not a Valley of Despair, but merely a Gully of Gloom.  The reason for the pity party is that Scrapbook Garden is closing.  I have taught classes there for over two years.  It was the perfect retirement job.  I got to do what I loved and got paid for it.  I was able to do all sorts of projects and learned a lot.  I had even reached the point where I was designing classes as well.

Bob and Kathy decided to close the store after not being able to get a lease with conditions they were comfortable with accepting.  As much as I hate to see the store close, their decision is a sound business decision and  I wish them well.  The closing is being very difficult for them, and it is made worse by the fact that there were no financial difficulties as a factor.  My personal feelings are trivial in comparison with how they are feeling.

Never the less, I let this gloom get me down.  I haven't scrapped and I have projects.  I was invited to participate on a design team for Amberink and I am behind on that.  The house is a mess and so on.  Well, enough of this.  Today, I am going to get caught up starting with the blog.  In spite of my slump, I have done some fund stuff and I want to share it in a couple of other posts.  Onward and upward into the sunshine of a new day.  Is that inspiring enough?


Pam said...

Good Luck Lynette,

You didn't even mention the situation with aging parents, which toys with all kinds of emotion - I've read about it plenty, but now I know that to experience it is a whole other story. Hopefully AmberInk's happy images will help get a smile on your face again. xoxo.

CK Photo said...

sometimes it is easy to get stuck. I am glad you are getting unstuck.

Carrielyn said...


The great part of the process is when you recognize it and start to climb out... so good for you, keep it up!