Monday, June 27, 2011


Marcel Wolfer was our last exchange student to stay with us.  He went to Campus in 2011.  For the last year he has been going to graduate school in Chicago.  He stayed with u for a week and went to his ten year reunion.
Marcel was a very nice young man when he stayed with us, and he is a very nice young man now.  His area of study is microbiology and from what I understand he has done research that is important in his field.  Like all of our exchange students, I am so proud of him even though I didn't have anything really to do with their success.
The pictures are of Marcel playing with Wyatt and Andrea.  He showed Wyatt how to use the noodle as a megaphone. Sometimes you just don't want to grown up.

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Donna said...

Not growing up is sometimes preferable! Love the header photo on your blog.