Monday, June 6, 2011

Kids at the Water Park Again

We went to Stillwell over the weekend to decorate for Memorial Day.  The Grand Kids went along for the right since their parents had projects to work on at home.  Ray and I had planned to stay in Tahlequah, the maybe Siloam Springs.  Then Ray said, lets stay at the Radisson in Tulsa so the kids can go to the water park.  Brilliant idea!  The two of them had been rambunctious all the way down to Tulsa.  We took them down about 6:30 and stayed till 9:45.  Neither of them were awake five minutes after going to bed, and we didn't have to keep telling them to behave.  Wonderful!  The down side was I only took pictures at the park.  I was going to do more but got distracted.  I just have to work harder to have the camera ready.


Uncool Mom said...

Do I see new swimsuits on the kids?

Carrielyn said...

Don't you just love swimming zaps all their energy and they STILL love every second of it?