Thursday, June 9, 2011

Moving to Assisted Living

My Dad is going to assisted living tomorrow.  My brother, sister and I liked the Cherished Friends in Wellington the best of what is available.  The building is older but very well remodeled and the people who own it seem to be truly concerned about the residents.  Chris and I spent yesterday going around town getting everything organized so the transfer will go smoothly.  Now we can only hope that it will. 
My Dad has made a lot of progress since he got sick, but the nursing staff told us that it may be months before he would be close to where he was three weeks ago.  The very elderly are like the very young.  When they get sick, they get sick very fast and it takes longer for them to recover.  However, we are lucky that my Dad is going to recover from this infection.


Carrielyn said...

Such a tough choice!! I hope everything goes smooth! Keep us posted.

CK Photo said...

good thoughts for a smooth transition and continued healing