Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Getting started again

I have a lot to write about, so I am going to do it in installments.  When I was last here, Ray and I were getting ready to go to New Mexico with friends, Fathers Day had been celebrated.  All that good stuff.  Then on July 2nd everything changed and I haven't posted anything.  My father died and a post about that will be in here somewhere too.  I don't know that I will be doing this stuff chronologically, more likely, I will write what is easiest first and save the hard stuff for last.
It was odd, when I was sitting with my Dad in the hospital, I really wanted to write, but didn't have a computer.  A lot of those thoughts are gone, and I will have to make do with what I come up with now.


CK Photo said...

I am sure your words will be just as meaningful.

Lynette said...

Thank you.