Thursday, July 28, 2011

Amorita, next four exits

After the graveside services for my Dad, there was a get together in Amorita at the community center.  Since it had been so hot at the cemetery, the cold drinks and snacks were really appreciated. Afterwards, we went out to the farm house so Theresa could get an idea of what an old farm girl I really was.  After beating through the weeds, it is always fun for me, at least, to talk about when I was a little girl.  This part of the country is all new to Theresa and I think she might have found it at least a little interesting. 
On the way out of Amorita, we stopped to take a picture of the sign.  Virgil Fry put it up years ago.  I never knew if he was serious or tongue in cheek.  Probably both, he loved Amorita like no one else. 

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Carrielyn said...

Beautiful pictures!