Wednesday, August 10, 2011

New Mexico 2011

In other times I have posted my vacation pictures pretty much as I take them.  This year is different because our vacation was cut short and other matters took precedence in my life.  I accept that, but I am irritated that I have failed to talk about how much fun we all had in New Mexico with our friends Jim and Phyllis.
Last year after we enjoyed ourselves visiting them in Ohio and seeing all the sights, we decided to travel to New Mexico. 
Neither Jim or Phyll had been there and so we got to see everything in a new light.  That is the best way to go sometimes.  We looked around Ruidoso, went to Carlsbad Caverns, Cloudcroft and White Sands.  We stopped on Route 66 and shopped in an old curio shop.  It was great.  We spent a lot of time trying to take a good picture of a hummingbird while we sat out on the patio in the evening enjoying our "Health Drinks" and got a way too close look at a wild fire.  Phyllis will never again say how much she likes to look at lightening in the dry climate of New Mexico.
It is too bad we didn't get to Taos and northern New Mexico, but maybe in a couple of years.

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