Thursday, August 11, 2011

August Ten on Ten

Every month Rebekah sponsors this challenge on her blog "A bit of sunshine".  The goal is simple; take a picture every hour for ten hours on the tenth of the month.  The end result should be a view of a day in your life.  Here goes!

 1:00 pm This is the first scrapbook page I have done since before my father died.  I did thank you notes, but they were an obligation.  This was just for me.  It wasn't complete when I took this picture, I have since added journaling and other embellishments.  It looks more finished now.  I still have a way to go to get my groove back though.
 2:00 pm    This is our cantaloupe for the year.  We didn't plant it, it was a volunteer from the rinds and seeds we tossed out in the garden to compost last year.  It is huge, see my phone beside it?  I hope it tastes good.
 3:00 pm  My feet.  There is a certain scrapping celebrity who takes heat on a certain blog about always taking pictures of her feet. I decided to see what the appeal is.  I still don't know.  I enjoyed going to different locations to take a photo, but to constantly feature my feet on the blog?  I might get a following that I wouldn't care for.  I do like my fancy pedicure job a lot though, that is worth a picture.
 4:00 pm  Naked Ladies also known as Surprise Lilies.  My mother gave me the first bulbs for these.  It is so much fun when they start popping up in late July or early August.  I wasn't sure they would come up this year as hot as it has been.
5:00   Gonder Swan.  I collect pottery.  I discovered Gonder Pottery when I bought a ewer that I liked even though it is ugly as all get out.  Gonder closed in the sixty's so all their designs are mid twentieth century and much of what you find is this gray with pink interiors.  It makes me smile.
6:00  The koi have started eating again since it has cooled down.  This year they are big enough that there is a lot of splashing and gulping going on when they all come up to feed.  They are getting used to me enough that they will start coming up as soon as I kneel down to put the feed out.  After the winter though they will all forget and be wild again. 
 7:00 Ray talking to Nick.  They always spend a fair amount of time talking about stuff before either of them leaves.
 8:00  Sun on the chair.  The light attracted my attention.  It wasn't until after I took the shot that I thought about how I need to lower the blinds to keep the chair from fading.
 9:00   One of our Spanish Exchange students gave us this little porcelain guy.  I have been taking him for granted for quite a while.  He deserves a little attention.
10:00  This is a broken transformer toy.  Wyatt believes Papa can fix anything, so Ray is giving it a try.  He didn't get it done last night.  We will see how it works out.

That is all there is for August 10, 2011.  See you soon.


monica.coffman said...

Great photos...that canteloupe is HUGE! Looks like you had a good day.

Kerri said...

Great pictures....and pretty toes! Your header is that your house?