Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Random Photos from the remodel

The work is almost complete on the windows.  The concrete for the driveway and the patio extension is being poured today.  Needless to say we are tickled pink.  The light in the basement now is amazing.  For over thirty years we had almost total darkness in the family room without the lights.  Now you can go down there during the day and do things without turning the lights on.  The bedroom is the same way.  People won't have problems knowing when it is light outside anymore.  I have to paint when the construction is complete, but it is only a part of the wall in the family room and we have paint from when it was painted last.  The bedroom is going to be completely changed so that will take a bit longer.  Lucky for us this is the labor day weekend.  Then it will be carpet cleaning.  

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