Saturday, February 25, 2012

Nassau, Bahamas

Nassau is much more commercialized than Freeport.  It has more business district and many more condos and luxury hotels.  Rising above everything is the Atlantis resort on Paradise Island.  I think it can be seen from just about anywhere in the area.  We had considered going to the Atlantis beach area for about a minute.  The cost to use their facilities was over $100.00 each even for the children.  We opted instead for the Blue Lagoon.  This is a private beach area on a small island off the main island of Nassau. We were taken their by boat, and the main topic on the way over was which house belonged to what celebrity.  I imagine it must be fairly expensive to own a home there. There was an island owned by Eddie Murphy, a mansion owned by Tiger Woods, another by Christina Aguilara, you get the gist. Blue Lagoon was very nice and since this cruise had very few children, not very crowded.  The resort has a dolphin facility and unlike the ones in Mexico, they were generous in allowing people to watch the paying customers do the dolphin encounters.  Theresa took Wyatt over for a while and they both enjoyed it.

Nick brought his scuba gear and used it this day.  His other plans didn't pan out and he was disappointed that he was not able to make a real dive.  The rest of us just hung out on the beach.  This day was the one the kids had been looking forward to every since we left home.  Andrea kept running back and forth crying, "I'm on the beach, I'm on the beach." Yes, they did have fun and were worn out on the way home.

When we got back to the ship, we learned that departure had been delayed for two hours.  Nicole and I went back ashore and looked around.  We didn't find much to buy though.  That was a hardship. We went thought the Straw Market which is a major tourist attraction, but neither Nicole or I were very interested in the hats and bags available. We might have found them interesting another time, but not this day.  I did however, get my Hard Rock Cafe pins and a picture of Nicole in front of the Parliament Building.  I guess that is enough to expect from a spur of the moment visit.

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