Saturday, June 16, 2012

It Rained Today

Today is our last full day in Ruidoso.  We head back to Kansas tomorrow.  We never are here long enough, but I suppose that is good.  We always have things to look forward to the next time we come. 
The good news though is that is rained today.  According to the weather, it was over an inch which answered many prayers around here.  I haven't heard yet if it stifled the fire, but the rain did start some concerns about flash floods.  I can see how it could happen, we were out at Conley's Nursery when it started to rain and in less than half an hour it had hailed, lots.  Driving back to the condo, the streets were flooded.  Water runs off fast around here. 
Ray  wants to leave early, so we are almost packed now.  All we have to do in the morning is stuff the last bits in and take off.

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JoEtta Zabel said...

UGH...Kansas...LOL The end of your fun...well until next trip. I'm sure through all of the years that you and Ray have been going there you are getting to know it quite well. Be safe