Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Jam, Glorious Jam!

Nicole, Theresa and I made jam today.  Theresa and I went out yesterday and picked sand plums and blackberries at Sergeants Berry Farm.  I found strawberries on sale today at Walmart. Nicole brought some peaches that we added to those.  After an afternoon's work, this is what we have.  Fortyfour jars of wonderful gooey sweet fruit jam.  That is fourteen jars plus to each of us.  I am thinking that we will be set for the year.  Theresa made some sugar free and the rest are high cal.
It was so hot outside today and we did our best to make it hot inside today.  I remember my mother and grandmother canning in the heat of my childhood summers.  It must have been miserable, but there is a great satisfaction looking at the results of our work.  Nicole and Theresa didn't have the same memories I had, but now they know how to make jam and if they want, the kids will have canning memories of their own.

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