Thursday, June 14, 2012

St. Joseph Apache Mission, Mescalero New Mexico

We drove up to Mescalero today to visit the St. Joseph Mission Church.  We had been there several years ago and thought it was time to go back.  The church was the vision of a mission priest who was sent to Mescalero to serve the Apache after World War I,  He based the design on the European churches he ad seen during the war, and it is an impressive sight to seen when you are driving past on the highway.  The interior  reflects the native congregation with the stained glass and art depicted native subjects.  There are crown hanging from the ceilings that are part of an Apache ceremony that is held every summer.  The church has been in the process of renovation since the late 90's and a lot of repair has been done since we were there the last time.  One of the local artist Thurman Paz has painted scenes on tiles removed from the roof and they were being sold to raise funds.  Ray and I bought one, and will have to decide where to put it when we get home.

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JoEtta Zabel said...

Great pictures...I'm sure you will find some place very special for your new addition :)