Saturday, February 2, 2013

29 Years, Really?

The Baby Boy Andrew turned 29 yesterday.  He is holding up pretty good for all the physical misery he has gone through as a result of the motorcycle accident.  The mental stress has been pretty hard on him as well.  I think maybe some things are starting to even out.  I pray that is so, he and Theresa deserve a little bit of smooth sailing in this life. 
We took everyone out to Red Robin for dinner for his birthday.  The food is good and there is lots of it.  This was one of the rare occasions where I took food home, there was so much.  It could have been all the strawberry lemonades that kept being placed in front of me.  They are the best.  The end result was that we cancelled the second half of the evening which was a trip to Cold Stone Creamery.  No one could eat any more.
We are now officially in the middle of the Brown Birthday season which runs from January 3rd and Nick's birthday through May 9th and Nicole's.  It gives us plenty of reasons to eat out. 
I finally made a card that was appropriate for Andrew.  It was camouflage hunting paper and two die cut guns.  I am really appreciating the design ability I have now with my Silhouette Cameo.  It is a great machine.

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