Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Abilene Day Trip

Ray and I were tired of staying home on the weekend.  We just did not want to take an overnight trip anywhere.  The solution turned out to be a day trip to Abilene with Andrew and Theresa.  It was chilly but not really cold and sunny.  All in all a great day to get out of town.  It is almost three hours up there and the scenery isn't spectacular, but we enjoyed the drive and it went quickly for me at least.
We first stopped at the museum and library.  There was an interesting exhibit of fabric art by a professor at Tabor College in the library, and the museum is set up in a very interesting way.  You get a variety a things too look at, and about the time you are tired of guns and battles, you get to see the dresses and china.  That works well when the group has different interests.
After we toured the museum, we went up to the Brookfield Hotel for lunch.  We had never been before, and we had never gone to the original building in Brookfield.  When it was rebuilt in Abilene, the owners tried to keep it as much the same as the original.  I guess they too most of the interior with them and  used it in the new building.  
Let me tell you the fried chicken which is the only thing on the menu is fantastic.  I could never fry my chicken with the coating like this even if I fried chicken.  It came with a sweet cole slaw, cottage cheese and bread and butter pickles for an appetizer.  The main course was the chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy and cream style corn with biscuits.  It is all good.  We were so glad we stopped there.
After we rolled out of the restaurant, we made a quick stop at the Russell Stover Factory.  We ate samples and bought more candy than we should have. 
All in all a great trip.

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