Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Building a Snowman

Yesterday afternoon, Ray, Wyatt and Andrea built a snowman.  It is nice being the photographer sometimes.  My hands didn't get quite and cold and wet as everyone else.  I did help fill in cracks and smooth surfaces some.  Sometimes these projects start out with children helping and then they wander off.  Not this time,  Wyatt and Andrea were interested all the way through.  There were a couple of reminders to stay on track, but for the most part the two were right there with Ray.  Wyatt rolled the head and Andrea picked out stones for the mouth and eyes.  I went in and got a carrot for the nose.  You know, baby carrots just don't have the same effect.  After we finished everyone came inside for hot chocolate.  By the time Ray took them home,Wyatt and Andrea were planning a whole family for their front yard.  Ray said they got right to it when he took them home.

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