Thursday, May 30, 2013


We have a lot of squirrels around here.  Our neighbor has a huge cottonwood tree that I am convinced is the larges squirrel condo around here.  We feed them in the winter in a failed attempt to keep them away from the bird feeders.  We don't feed them in the summer and they attempt to mooch off the hummingbird feeder, usually successfully.  However, we find them to be amusing, so their attempts to control the yard do not bother us that much.
This year was the first time we had seen a mother squirrel out showing her children the world.  The family spent several days, education time is short is the squirrel world, walking along our fence and getting to know the neighborhood.  The young ones are now on their own and doing their own thing.  I caught one relaxing on a bench in the back yard a couple of days ago.
It won't be long before I will have them barking at me for disturbing their activities when I go into the yard.  At least the squirrels don't throw things at me like some of their ancestors did at our cats.

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