Sunday, July 20, 2008

Second Weekend

Wiring, I scared the both of them when the flash went off.
Recessed lighting all around except for the ceiling fan.
The sheet rock is hung, the ceiling has to be mudded, but almost
ready to start the texturing.

There was a lot of work done in my scrap room this weekend. The sheet rock and the lights were completed. When people come to scrap with me, there will be plenty of light and space. I need to go out next week and buy paint, the cabinets and shelving. I am even beginning to accept the idea that I can sell a lot of the stuff that was in here before at the community garage sale next month. I can use the money I make to decorate. Yeah...


a chick named Toni... said...

Looks like you are taking shape there! Hey I might have some scrap items to put in your garage sale...would ya let me? Can't wait to scrap in your new space. I was just telling Nikki that I missed scrappin' with you!

Enuk's Mom said... have not only been busy posting, been busy getting your room done. That's fantastic...of course, I didn't see a problem with the original one. I was over-whelmed by that one...LOL
I won't take up your time commenting on all your postings, but it looks like you had a great fourth of July and your papa's dad will be 86 the end of August.