Sunday, January 10, 2010

Andrea and Gabriel

When Andrea was born, Gabe ignored her. She didn't have an effect on his life. This was and is not the case with Wyatt. Wyatt comes in the house and Gabe vanishes. Wyatt is now at the point where he wants to be friends, but he is having trouble with the being quiet and slow. He is a little boy who does things loudly and at high speed.
When Andrea started crawling, Gabe still put up with her touching him and pulling his fur, for a little while. Then he decided he would not be available for her to manhandle any more. Now it seems he is relenting some, she can touch him and he tolerates it for a while and then leaves. She follows him, and he tries to intimidate her with a kitty glare, but it doesn't work. I hope I can teach Andrea how to be gentle, so she will be able to play with the kitty as she gets older.