Thursday, January 7, 2010

It is so cold.....

That I think the cat is smart for refusing to go outside. Actually, he went out for about three minutes and then was frantically scratching on the door to come in. He is built for the cold, he has hair growing out of the bottom of his feet an inch long, but he does not want to be uncomfortable in the least. I am refusing to go outside as well. It is ten degrees out there and the wind chill is in the minuses. The bottom photo is of my back yard. This is what cold looks like. From the warmth of my patio door, it doesn't look all that bad. But the wind is blowing and there is not any warmth anywhere. Sometimes you can sit in sheltered place and feel almost comfortable, not today. It is strange that everywhere is cold right now. Even my friends in Florida are suffering from the cold, and it doesn't take much of a temperature drop to make them suffer.
I went out and filled the bird feeders, of course they are squirrel feeders as well. I don't mind, I find the squirrels entertaining and I always provide enough for every one, bird or squirrel to eat.
This weather is going to be hard on the wild life if it doesn't warm up soon. We are blessed to be safe, dry, warm and fed.

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