Friday, January 29, 2010

Saint Augustine

A Fresnel lens from the light house.
The Saint Augustine Lighthouse

Half way up the 219 steps

Papa at the beach
We went to St. Augustine for the day. It is about three hours from Valdosta, so it was not much of a drive at all. We had been to St. Augustine a year ago and thought it would be nice to go back and do a couple of things in a little more detail. The main thing we wanted to do was revisit the lighthouse and climb to the top. When we were there last year, it was raining and no one go go up for obvious reasons. Today we went up all the way. I have to insert here that my exercise program has really paid off, it was not hard at all. The view from the top is spectacular, you can see for miles up and down the coast. Doing that was worth the trip.
Afterwards, we went to the old city and ate at the Cracker Cafe. I had crab cakes, love, love, love them Now we are back in Valdosta, we will get organized and leave for Galveston on Sunday.

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