Monday, February 14, 2011

Back on track, literally

With all the cold weather the last several weeks, I have not been working out like I should.  Not running five days a week and attending my various classes has a direct result on my weight.  I am not gaining, but I have had a really hard time getting what I did gain a Christmas back off.  I know that working up to twenty miles a week will take care of that.  Losing weight was the primary reason I started working out seriously. 
Now, I am doing core workouts. I can't believe I am doing Core Workouts.  That means crunches, and other horrendous actions that I would never have believed I would even consider. Why am I doing this?  Because every part of me looks pretty good, for my age, except my stomach.  Years of weight gain and not doing my post natal exercises have come to haunt me.  Plus, I have a bad hip to waist ratio, this indicates your risk level for heart disease.  So core exercise it is.  I think I am making some headway. I sincerely hope so because I don't care for it at all.

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