Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Snow, snow, snow

Kansans are not unused to cold weather.  It gets cold here in the winter and the wind chill factor is something even a ten year old understands.  However, snow has always been a mixed pleasure for me.  I love to watch it come down.  That is watch it come down from inside my house with a fire going and a hot drink.  Once the snow stops, I am good for a day and then it needs to melt.  A week of white is too long.

So no one, including myself, was pleased to have it snow again yesterday.  As a matter of fact, it snowed over twenty four hours, truly unusual in this part of the country.  The snow from last week had not completely melted away, so there we are. A lot of snow on the ground in Kansas, and cancellations galore.

I am so lucky to be retired now and not have to go outside unless I choose to do so.  I chose to go out this morning to take care of the birds.  I also had an idea that I might walk over to the park and try for some "arty" snow photos.  I dressed in layers, two pairs of gloves, the whole thing.  I was really quite proud of myself.  Until I went outside,  I was good for five minutes, it was seven degrees, with a wind chill of way below zero.  I got the birds cared forand took the pictures in the yard.  At that point my face and fingers were getting numb and stinging.  I realized that a walk in the park was not going to happen.  I went back in the house, made a hot breakfast and coffee for myself and decided to spend the day scrapping.  Oh, and light the fire.
With any luck at all, it may start melting by Friday.  None too soon for me.

You know, Kokopelli is from New Mexico.  It snows there, he should really know to wear more clothes.

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