Monday, February 7, 2011

Basic Grey Oliver Three Dimensional Wall Hanging

I was in the mood to do something for myself last night.  This is the result.  I saw this Basic Grey Max paper at Scrapbook Garden on Saturday and I just loved it.  The design, the colors and the little animals all appealed to me.  I also realized that I would want to cut the paper for a wall hanging.  I first did a cut paper picture in September with a Halloween project from Pine cone Press and Graphic 45.  It was so popular, and was done many times, that it is now easy to see which papers are best suited for these projects.
Doing one of these is simple, just sort of time consuming and requires a SHARP pair of micro point scissors and a good craft knife.  Start with three to four sheets of the printed paper.  I used four sheets on this one.  Cut out the elements you want to give dimension and attach to the base sheet with foam tape of squares.  Continue until you have reached the level that you are happy with.  It is that easy.
The picture will fit in a Scrapbook Page Frame that can be bought at Michael's or Hobby Lobby.  I am going to see if they have white ones.  Every frame I have at home is black.
My next project is school Valentines cards for Wyatt.  I have them made, I just want to tweak them a bit before posting them.

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