Monday, February 21, 2011

Oklahoma City National Memorial, February 2011

Ray and I drove to Oklahoma City yesterday to visit the Oklahoma City National Memorial.  It was the first time for Ray and the second time for me to go there.  The Memorial is a powerful place.  It is quiet even when there are a good number of people there.  For me, it brought back all the memories of the pictures we saw on television after the bombing.  The ones of the children were the worst and the sight of the nineteen little chairs representing each child killed is wrenching.

Outside the Memorial is a chain link fence where people leave tokens.  Some were so personal I cried.  A baby bib, a birthday card for a child, photos, all of it tragic.

Visiting this place also reminds us that terrorists are not just people from other countries with different religious beliefs.  They are the men who live next door and mind their own business.  Evil is what is in people's hearts, not in a foreign country.


a chick named Toni... said...

When Mike and I took the girls here it was very profound for all of us. They really did an amazing job on this memorial.

sandi said...

Lynette - so incredibly touching... :(

and you have deservedly received the Liebster award...