Thursday, February 10, 2011

Random Musings in Sub Zero Weather

Hmmm, for some reason my random thoughts all center around the cold weather. 

There is no such thing as a squirrel proof bird feeder.  We bought one that looks like a mini maximum security prison cell.  The squirrels clean it out.  The birds can't figure out how to get past the bars to the seed slots.  We tried setting out separate feeders of corn for the squirrel.  But they turn their little rodent noses up at corn and head for the sunflower seeds.  I am just going to put seed in the feeders and let it be first come first served.  I really do find the squirrels amusing, and the seed they toss on the ground is eaten by the nuthatches, jays and everyone else who drops by.

Little kids don't wear undershirts anymore.  Until I was almost big enough for a bra, my mother made me put on an undershirt every day in the winter.  Maybe it is because houses are heated better now, but I still think more clothes under their clothes would be better for kids.  I know it works for me.

Thermal underwear, I need a couple more pairs of long Cuddl' Duds pant and a long sleeve top.  I have had sets for years, but now that I dress casually all the time, they are a must for winter.  When the weather warms up, I am off to Kohl's to spend my gift card on that.  I also want more sweat pants.  They are warm, more than jeans and Cuddl' duds.  I bought a pair for wearing over my work out clothes, but I want more just to wear around the house.  The public has permission to point fingers and laugh if I wear them to do any more than get Wyatt at school though.

I have learned that you do get what you pay for when you buy gloves.  I have been wearing the little one size fits all gloves from Walmart for years.  At  a dollar fifty a set, you couldn't beat the price.  But even doubling up, my hands are freezing in minutes.  So I will also be looking at Kohl's for a good set of winter gloves.  The Walmart ones will be good liners.

The last time I have felt this cold when I wasn't skiing was my freshman year in college.  However, I think that was probably due more to a young persons inability to dress correctly for the weather than actually temperature.

The weather is supposed to get better over the weekend.  We can only hope.

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