Sunday, May 22, 2011

Counting my blessing

My Dad has been in the hospital since Friday.  My sister was there when he was admitted.  My brother went down during the day and I went in the early evening.  My sister and I had been talking and trying to get a handle on his condition before I went down.

When I got there, my Dad was restless, but having a difficult time staying awake.  He would not eat and in general was not responsive unless you got in his face and spoke loudly.  All of this is enough to rattle me severely.  As I was driving home and for the rest of the evening, I tried to process all the possibilities and the probabilities.  If you know me, you know I tended to lean more into the possible than into the probable.

This morning I went down not knowing what to expect.  I get there at the end of the Doctor's visit.  The morning seems to have found an infection that is being treated and that may be the source of some of his issues earlier this week.  My Dad is still very weak and doesn't want to communicate unless necessary.  For the first time since Wednesday, he was able to keep jello and juice down.   So things are looking better.  Now to see what tomorrow brings.

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Carrielyn said...

Our thoughts are with you and your family!! Keep us posted.