Friday, May 6, 2011

Pitiful Cat Photo

Doesn't this poor kitty look pitiful?  We got Gabe shaved today for the summer.   I really don't think he minds it all that much.  About this time of the year hair drops off of him in clumps everywhere.  He gets mats in his coat no matter how often he is brushed.  The best solution is cut it all off and let it grow out again.

In a couple of weeks he will be the softest cat you would ever touch.  By the end of the summer, his coat will be back to its normal thickness.  I tried doing this myself last year, but I didn't do all that  good a job.This year he went to the groomer.  The groomer I go to doesn't sedate the animals and he complemented me on how well behaved Gabe is.   As if I had anything to do with that.  We are lucky that he has always been a very laid back cat.

I haven't done a page about his adventure.  Maybe I will some time soon.


Carrielyn said...

Oh, that picture makes me giggle!

a chick named Toni... said...

Actually he's kinda cute!!